Simplified Protection for Your Products

MonoFoil Antimicrobial can be implemented into your company’s manufacturing processes without any drastic changes. Implementing MonoFoil Antimicrobial does not require any significant equipment purchases or line changes, as with silver or Triclosan based technologies.

MonoFoil Antimicrobial can be applied in a variety of processes such as spraying, dipping, molding and extruding. Our experienced engineers can review your processes and help you make the best informed decision as to where and how the MonoFoil Antimicrobial will be applied. We will work to optimize the inclusion and performance of the MonoFoil Antimicrobial in your finished product.

MonoFoil Antimicrobial can be embedded in or coated on products to keep the odor causing microbes in our environment at safe levels. Our product molecularly bonds to any treated substrate, thus coating and bonding to the  entire material. Our bio-static antimicrobial additive applications provide durable surface protection, continuously working 24/7, to inhibit the growth of odor causing microbes, mold mildew fungus and algae which can cause sickness, stains, odors, or declination of products.

MonoFoil Antimicrobial can be incorporated in a variety of materials, including textiles, sportswear, outdoor equipment, footwear, drywall, shingles, automobiles and many others.

If you are searching for a way to make your products safer for their users, or if you are looking for a competitive edge, contact us today to enjoy the benefits of using MonoFoil Antimicrobial.

Why are MonoFoil® Products so different? All MonoFoil® Antimicrobial products utilize silane technology that “electrocutes” the target organism on contact. MonoFoil® molecularly bonds to a treated surface.