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The possibilities are endless for the use of MonoFoil in the construction industry. Our most popular construction applications involve using MonoFoil as a mold and mildew prohibiter.
By infusing MonoFoil into drywall, it is given a shield of protection against mold and mildew growth for its useful life. This can be highly attractive in humid areas of the world and in flood plains. MonoFoil can be mixed in cement, grout, and paint. It can be infused into carpets, countertops, and wood surfaces. Homes and commercial buildings can affordably be given long-lasting protection against mold and mildew growth with MonoFoil.

Why are MonoFoil® Products so different? All MonoFoil® Antimicrobial products utilizes silane technology that “electrocutes” the target organism on contact. MonoFoil® molecularly bonds to a treated surface, which makes the material itself antimicrobial.