Thanks for taking a minute to visit us while you enjoy the game!

We are proud to be a sponsor of the Indiana Pacers by keeping the Bankers Life Fieldhouse locker rooms clean and safe for the team.

Odors causing bacteria, mold and mildew are shut out
when MonoFoil hits the court!

MonoFoil is the first technology to answer the need for durable, long-lasting antimicrobial solutions.

• Protects against, stains, odors, and declination of products.
• Provides a long-lasting biostatic barrier to prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria,
mildew, fungus, algae and molds on the treated surface.
• Continuous surface protection, working 24/7
• Inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria

Our technology is registered by the EPA, so you can feel safe knowing that the EPA stands behind our promises.

 • Non-leaching  • No ammonia
 • No VOC’s  • Odorless
 • No bleach  • Colorless
 • No alcohol  • Does not create “superbugs”





Find the safe, effective, affordable protection the Pacers enjoy at Bankers Life Fieldhouse right in your home, in your car and at work with MonoFoil Antimicrobial – Clean Redefined.

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