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Coeus Technology is a research and development company specializing in organic/green antimicrobial technology. Relying on a global sales force, Coeus is committed to the development of a continually evolving pipeline of leading edge technologies and products that perform beyond the customer’s expectations with a durability profile that is the platinum standard in industry.

Safe and healthy environments are vital to all of us, and finding sustainable solutions to the most important health care challenges is our priority. Coeus Technology is committed to providing solutions to improve your health and well-being. We provide safe, effective and affordable antimicrobial technologies to manufacturers and consumers.

We provide a broad spectrum of antimicrobial technologies and applications that support wellness and prevention. Our antimicrobial solutions are effective against a broad range of bacteria, virus, fungi and algae.

Why are MonoFoil® Products so different? All MonoFoil® Antimicrobial products utilizes silane technology that “electrocutes” the target organism on contact. MonoFoil® molecularly bonds to a treated surface, which makes the material itself antimicrobial.